Urban Drainage & Water Supply

Managing urban drainage and water supply means ensuring that clean water is provided to your home or property, and that surface water runoff and wastewater drain effectively. What happens on your property has effects for the wider catchment area, so CBA Consultants’ work considers your requirements for water supply and drainage in the context of the broader considerations of local authorities and national legislation.

Drawing on our expertise, experience and tools, CBA Consultants conducts analysis of your requirements for urban drainage and water supply. Based on the results of this analysis, CBA Consultants prepares an integrated management plan of the given city catchment for the long-term sustainable management of its water resources, stormwater and wastewater. For large-scale projects, this often takes the form of an Integrated Catchment Study and Management Plan.

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of Integrated Catchment Study and Management Plan are:

  • data collection, using GIS, surveying and remote sensing
  • hydrologic and hydraulic computer modelling
  • conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment
  • preparing and processing your Resource Consent application, including management of consultation with Iwi, community groups, and other stakeholders
  • civil design
  • project management
  • contract administration.

CBA Consultants uses a range of software applications to undertake hydrological and hydraulic modelling of urban catchments. These include:

  • Danish Hydraulic Institute tools such as MIKE URBAN, MIKE NET, MIKE SWMM, MIKE SHE
  • US Army Corps software HEC series as such HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS
  • EPANET. 

Management of your urban drainange and water supply may include several of our services such as: