Design and Construction of Stormwater Management Solutions

CBA Consultants designs and manages the construction of on-site stormwater treatment systems and stormwater disposal systems to ensure the safe and sustainable treatment and disposal of stormwater.

Stormwater in cities requires treatment, as commercial, traffic and domestic activities increase pollution, and discharge of untreated stormwater pollutes the receiving waterways. CBA Consultants designs and manages the construction of solutions for private individuals, large development projects, and catchment-wide projects to mitigate or prevent stormwater pollution, and to ensure that stormwater is and treated and disposed of safely. 

CBA Consultants conducts an analysis of the stormwater requirements, and then develops design solutions for the client. We manage consent processes with local authorities and community stakeholders. We then manage construction of the appropriate on-site stormwater treatment and disposal system. Depending on the local soil characteristics, solutions may include soakage, detention tanks, rain gardens, stormwater quality ponds, scoria trenches, sand filters, Up-flo and storm filter systems. 

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of the design and construction of stormwater management solutions are:

  • data collection, using GIS, surveying and remote sensing
  • hydrologic and hydraulic computer modelling, if required
  • conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment
  • preparing and processing your Resource Consent application, including management of consultation with Iwi, community groups, and other stakeholders
  • civil design
  • contract administration.

CBA Consultants uses a range of software applications to undertake the design and construction of stormwater management solutions. These include:

  • Danish Hydraulic Institute tools such as MIKE URBAN, MIKE SWMM, MIKE 21
  • US Army Corps software HEC series as such HEC-HMS.

Your stormwater management solutions may have impacts for, or be impacted by, several of our services such as: