Design and Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

CBA Consultants designs and implements rainwater harvesting solutions. These works are undertaken in areas without public water supply, or, increasingly, to facilitate the use of rainwater and reduce the long-term costs of any development project. 

CBA Consultants conducts an analysis of the rainwater quantity along with the client’s requirements and local authorities’ regulations governing rainwater harvesting. The client is provided with the most appropriate solution options. Following this, CBA Consultants processes required consents, and manages implementation of the chosen solution.

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of the design and implementation of rainwater harvesting solutions are:

  • data collection, using GIS and surveying
  • hydrologic and hydraulic calculation
  • conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment, if required
  • preparing and processing your Resource Consent application, including management of consultation with stakeholders
  • civil design
  • contract administration. 

Your rainwater harvesting solutions may be impacted by, or have impacts for, our other services such as: