Water Resource Planning and River Engineering

CBA Consultants provides water resource planning and river engineering solutions to enable the sustainable management of river basins and water resources on a large-scale. Water resource and river engineering challenges can take the form of flooding problems, reservoir operation, groundwater development, irrigation, or water allocation, as well as managing the impacts of new property development projects.

Through the use of hydrological and hydraulic modelling, CBA Consultants’ specialist expertise in catchment analysis enables us to accurately determine the water resource potentials of the catchment, and the hydraulic characteristics of the river. Based on the results of this analysis, we develop solutions to meet any new requirements or resolve existing challenges sustainably over the long-term. We present solution design options to the client and stakeholders, and then manage the required engineering works to implement the appropriate solution.

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of providing solutions to water resource planning and river engineering challenges are:

  • surface and ground water resource modelling
  • river regime studies
  • flood plain modelling
  • hydraulic modelling
  • conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment
  • design and construction of dams, irrigation systems and other infrastructure systems
  • impact assessment of the effects of climate change on available water resources
  • preparing and managing the consent process for works to be undertaken
  • contract administration.

CBA Consultants uses a range of software applications to provide solutions to river engineering challenges. These include:

  • Danish Hydraulic Institute tools such as MIKE 21, MIKE 11, MIKE SHE
  • US Army Corps software HEC series as such HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS. 

Your river engineering development plans or current challenges may have impacts for, or be impacted by, other services such as: