Development Planning

CBA Consultants manages the development planning process for our clients’ development projects, whether in urban property development or rural land development. 

CBA Consultants reviews your development plans, and conducts required investigations to submit and manage your Resource Consent applications, clearly identifying your obligations under the Resource Management Act and other national, regional and local authority plans. We also design solutions for water management and protection of your land from erosion.

CBA Consultants identifies any regulations relevant to your proposed development works and liases with stakeholders involved to implement the best solution for your development as a whole.

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of managing the development planning process are:

  • data collection, using GIS, surveying and remote sensing
  • hydrologic and hydraulic computer modelling
  • conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment, if required
  • analysis of your obligations under the Resource Management Act with respect to your development plans
  • analysis of your obligations under local authority plans, regulations and approved practices
  • submission and management of Resource Consent documentation, including communication with Iwi, community groups, and other stakeholders
  • civil design
  • contract administration. 

CBA Consultants uses a range of software applications to provide the data to support our recommendations during development planning process. These include:

  • Danish Hydraulic Institute tools such as MIKE URBAN, MIKE 11, MIKE NET, MIKE SWMM, MIKE SHE
  • US Army Corps software HEC series as such HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS.

Depending on the requirements of your development, your site and soil conditions, and your proposed designs, development planning will usually include several of our services such as: