Design and Construction of Wastewater Disposal Solutions

CBA Consultants designs and manages the construction of on-site wastewater disposal systems to ensure the safe and sustainable disposal of waste water. These works are usually undertaken where no centralised wastewater disposal system is available.

CBA Consultants conducts an analysis of the site and the wastewater disposal requirements. We then design and oversee construction of the appropriate solution. Depending on the site conditions and the client’s requirements and preferences, this is achieved through modern wastewater disposal systems, as well as composting toilets and other filter-based systems.

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of the design and construction of wastewater disposal solutions are:

  • data collection, using GIS, surveying and remote sensing
  • conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment, if required
  • preparing and processing your Resource Consent application, including management of consultation with stakeholders
  • preparing design solution options for the client
  • contract administration.

Design and construction of wastewater disposal solutions may be impacted by other services such as: